What If…You Didn’t Need Any Sleep?

What would you do with the extra time?

Caitlin McColl
2 min readJul 25, 2022


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Continuing with my ‘what if…?’ series inspired by the Scenario Cards my husband got me (which are packs of cards that come in 3 different varieties (self, the world and life) that inspire meaningful conversations designed by psychologists according to their website, and I highly recommend them!).

With that said, here’s today’s question:

What if…you suddenly found yourself not needing any sleep at all? What would you do with your new found time?

But…I enjoy my sleep! But if I had to, I would:

Obviously get more writing done

Do more editing work for Psych2Go

Do longer yoga sessions in the morning instead of cramming them in after waking up and before leaving for work

Take my dog out super early in the morning for walks in the summer, or late at night when I usually have to go to bed early

Be able to get through all of our PVR’d TV shows

Go to the grocery stores/supermarkets late at night (which my husband enjoys doing) and shop when it’s quieter but that I currently don’t enjoy because I have to go to bed early for work (because I get up at 5am).

I would be able to read more, too

And of course…you know…other stuff, nudge nudge wink wink

Basically I’d just be able to do a whole lot more things in 24 hours than I currently do that’s ‘wasted’ with me sleeping 7-ish hours a day!

What about you? What things would you do if you didn’t have to sleep?

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